17 June 2009

0800SPORTS Opens New Custom Fit Golf Studio

In Golf there is no such thing as standard!!!!

Basingstoke based 0800SPORTS have opened their new state of the art custom fit golf studio, complete with Trackman swing analysis system as used by all the leading club manufacturers.

Suprisingly 92% of Golfers buy clubs that "just work"....... Only 8% buy clubs that will actually help improve their game, fitted to their own swing style or "signature"!

Optimising your golf game

Why You Need Fitting?

Every golfer has a unique individual swing style creating a set of dynamics we call your signature.

What we do is then use that signature to fit a club in tune so it complements you and feels part of you. Everybody who’s played the game has picked up a club and said that feels good or this club is my favourite. Why? – because it fitted their signature.

What's my numbers?

What are my numbers?

Golfers all know there shoe, shirt and trouser size but how many know their launch numbers?

By understanding these numbers a player can optimise his or her game to the get the most potential out of their golf swing.

This benefits golfers of all standards not just proficient players. Just think how much better you could be with a 10% improvement!

Tour Experience

Every major manufacturer uses Trackman to get the most accurate data for their athletes and you too can now benefit from the best tool in golf.

You can use multiple clubs and shafts to find your optimum launch conditions.

We can even tell you what golf ball either helps you or even worse hurts you.

How The Custom Fit Process Works

Important Questions

  • Do you hit the ball high or low?
  • Do you get run on the ball when it lands?
  • Do you prefer a heavier or lighter shaft weight?
  • What is the best club in your bag?
  • What is your bad shot?
  • What is your handicap?
  • What are you looking to try?

Our Custom Fit Technician

You’re only as good as the fitter who helps you understand why something is better and not just “try that” and hope by painting a picture of what actually happens to you under pressure on the course.

Our fitter has over 15 years experience in fitting some of the best and the worst players in golf, his knowledge is recognized as industry leading and will give you an informative look at what best suits your game.

The Journey Begins

There are certain types of swing that will create an angle of attack that is not applicable to the golfer's body shape and size.

THERE IS NO STANDARD - every player is a blank page at the outset.

At the start of the fit we will measure what you have for:

Are you ready to begin? Before you buy your next set of clubs call 0800SPORTS on 0844 800 5552 book yourself in for a fitting and take shots off your game.

23 May 2009

SOLE Custom Footbeds Improve Your Golf Swing

Using SOLE Custom Footbeds in your golf shoes not only improves the comfort of your shoes, they also improve your balance and weight transfer during your golf swing. This increases club head velocity, which can add more than 10 yards to your golf shot over a 6 week period, as proven in an official university study.

Past research has shown that custom moldable insoles allow a golfer's body to establish a better point of contact with the ground when executing a golf swing. These insoles were also shown to help stabilize the foot, evenly redistribute weight and correct your entire body posture during the golf swing. In a study conducted by Stude & Gullickson (2000), 71% of participants felt their balance was improved while using custom insoles and playing golf. As well, 50% of participants felt that they were hitting the ball harder and 38% of participants reported a lower golf score. This research suggests custom moldable insoles helped golfers hit the ball harder. In order to further explore these results, we at SOLE Custom Footbeds decided to conduct a study, to explore the effects of wearing custom moldable insoles on club head velocity (CHV) and yardage after playing simulated golf.

The individuals who participated in the study were all employees at a local golf store located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Participants were asked to answer a short questionnaire, which included questions pertaining to their experience in playing golf and if they had sustained any major injuries in the last 5 years. Seven participants (6 men, 1 woman) responded to the questionnaire. Participants ranged in age from 19 to 32 years (M = 25.8, SD = 4.56). Participants had an average golf handicap of 14.4 and have been playing golf for an average of 10 years. It should be noted that none of the participants had sustained a major physical injury in the past 5 years.

The study was conducted at the store, which contained an advanced indoor golf simulator. This simulator was set up to record both number of yards driven and CHV (swing speed in miles per hour). This study was conducted in two phases. The participants were first instructed to take an average of six swings with their own golf shoes. In the second phase, the participants were fitted with a pair of SOLE Custom Footbeds in their golf shoes. After each participant was properly fitted, they were instructed to hit the ball six more times. CHV and yards hit was measured in all subjects before and after wearing custom moldable insoles.

The results of the study can be represented in the following graphs:
Drive Distance (Yards)
Yardage increased by 10.8 yards when the subject was wearing SOLE Custom Footbeds.
Drive Distance
Clubhead Velocity (mph)
Club Head Velocity (CHV) increased by 1.8 mph with SOLE
Drive Distance
In the first phase of the study (without SOLE), the participants drove the ball an average of 212.6 yrds and their CHV was 94.8 miles per hour. In the second phase of the experiment (while wearing SOLE Custom Footbeds), both the participant’s yards and CHV increased. The participants drove the ball an average of 223.4 yrds and their CHV was 96.6 miles per hour.

In this study, the use of SOLE Custom Footbeds has a positive influence on Club Head Velocity and Yardage. While wearing SOLE Custom Footbeds, club head velocity (CHV) increased, and yardage increased by 10.8 yards. In addition, participants reported that SOLE Custom Footbeds reduced the effects of fatigue and thus may improve the likelihood of a more consistent golf performance.

Sole Custom Footbeds are available from 0800sports.co.uk

20 May 2009

SOLE Platinum Sandals From 0800Sports

Summer is coming, Flip Flops go high tech with SOLE Sandals.

What really sets SOLE Platinum Sandals apart is the mouldable, orthopaedic top layer. This layer is made with a mold-optimized EVA blend that adjusts to your feet over time. The moulded top layer is supported by the shape of our high density EVA midsole. This structural support ensures that the orthopaedic benefits are maintained while the top layer is personalized for your feet.

Average Flip Flops


Flip flops offer no support. If the arches of the feet are not supported they can collapse, causing pain through misalignment in the joints in your body. This can also strain the plantar fascia, which is the connective tissue on the soles of your feet. Plantar fascia strain results in sore feet, and can eventually lead to chronic pain.

Average Flip Flops


The orthopaedic shape of SOLE Platinum Sandals provides a continuous contact point across the sole of your foot, moulding over time to provide just the right amount of support for you. This prevents aches and pains from developing, so you can wear SOLE flips all day long, free from pain and fatigue, GUARANTEED.

The Truth in Comfort Guarantee ensures your SOLE Sandals are every bit as good as we say they are. We are confident that SOLE Sandals will be the best you have ever owned. If you are unsatisfied with the sandals for any reason, return them within 90 days for replacement or refund, no questions asked.

For more information please visit 0800sports.co.uk

20 April 2009

Breo Sport Roam Watch 'Summer 09' Colours Now Available

Breo Roam watches are not only sweeping the nation, but are sweeping the worldwide celebrity circuit.

With the New 'Summer 09 Colours' now available from 0800sports.co.uk

Lindsay Lohan, Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas, have both been snapped wearing a Breo. The Breo is the perfect sports or fashion accessory.

Surfers dig it because of it's waterpoof versatility (waterproof to 1 atmosphere), runners because of its lightweight design. The stars love it because of its funky feel, and also because it's made from Tourmaline. This semi-precious gemstone calms moods, helps with blood circulation and improves mood.

At a cost of less than £10, you don't even have to think about it. Buy it, wear it, feel great. It's simple.

The Breo combines style and simplicity with it's minimalist design. It's been ergonomically designed to make sure it feels comfortable on your wrist. Don't just take our word for it. The Breo Roam watch won the Good Design Award 2008, and is set to be a smash in 2009.

The Breo sports watch is now available in 10 great colours - one for every occasion with more coming soon. There's even a Save The Children version in a deep red, of which £1.50 from every purchase goes straight to a good cause. See the new colours here

The Breo Roam watch looks so good that people can't help asking you where you bought it. They are also good for your health claiming that because they are manufactured with a material called Tourmaline, which is a naturally occurring mineral widely used as a semi-precious gemstone and is responsible for many beneficial health effects including:

  • Increased concentration
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Aids muscle relaxation, Improved sleep
  • Help recovery from sports fatigue
  • Improved vitality and mood
  • Natural detoxification of the body

16 April 2009

Bionic Tennis Gloves Have Arrived

Stop laughing, but yes the Bionic Tennis Gloves have arrived!

Not a weird and wonderful innovation, but one that could benefit a huge number of tennis players.

Plenty of player suffer with blisters and there are plenty of arthritis sufferers who, despite awful pain, still play the tennis.

Well the Bionic Tennis Gloves are the answer. Having been designed by a leading Orthopedic Hand Surgeon giving you a “second skin of technologically advanced comfort and performance achieved by blending anatomy with ergonomics”.

Which in laymans terms, means fewer blisters and calluses, increased grip strength and less pain for arthritis sufferers.

Other benefits are reduced hand fatigue and greater comfort and performance from a glove that allows your hand to breathe thanks to strategically placed web zones.

The men’s and women’s gloves cost £27.90 for a pair, or £13.95 for a single.

The Bionic Tennis Gloves are the latest addition to the range which includes golf, gardening, fitness, equestrian, driving and motorcycling gloves. All available from

27 March 2009

0800SPORTS launches Firethorn Golf Clothing Range.

Firethorn Golf Clothing Traditional with a twist As worn on tour by Boo Weekly
Now you can experience what true champions wear to play, win & celebrate life.
Firethorn golfwear reflects the journey of the modern day golfer with today's lifestyle trends in mind while encompassing it's traditional roots. With more than a quarter century of expertise, Firethorn's attention to fine detail, luxury, and performance allows it to be merchandised in the most elite country clubs around the world.

All Firethorn shirts are manufactured to the highest standards using the latest technical materials including FDry fabrics to help keep you comfortable and dry, moving perspiration away from the body and through the material.

New Summer 09 Range Available from Mid April

Further information: +44 0844 800 5552 email :
sales@0800stores.co.uk www.0800sports.co.uk

26 March 2009

0800SPORTS announce the ZEN 'RDE' Putter

0800SPORTS announce the New Zen Oracle ‘RDE’ Mallet putter, acclaimed to be the World’s most accurate putter.

The new Zen RDE putter (pronounced “Ready”) features new scientifically proven and patented face technology with precise micro ridges (not grooves) that improve accuracy by up to 50%.

It’s a fact. Dimples on the modern golf ball can cause it to deflect off line and miss the hole from only 5 feet. Zen’s patented RDE putters (“Reduced Dimple Error”) counteract this recent phenomenon as a consequence of modern golf design. And, so say two of the World’s largest and most comprehensive equipment reviews Golf Digest and Golf Monthly, who have bestowed this latest technical advancement with their converted Hot Product 2008 Awards.

But, there’s more to this product than meets the eye. The Zen Oracle “RDE” mallet putter is the World’s first USGA and R&A conforming competition putter that also has a patented built-in “direct feedback” training aid, scientifically proven to improve your putting stroke. In excess of two hundred Tour players, top Amateurs and leading Academies such as the English Golf Union have recognised the benefits as well as being used to win at the Australian Open, twice on the European Tour and the English Amateur Championship.
As with every great invention the Zen approach is effective as it is incredibly easy. Simply use the training aperture to “hold & release” a golf ball while performing a combination of the four principle swing drills. The ball “released” from the aperture coaching a smooth, pure motion into your stroke that provides instant feedback on the “Pace and Path” of the putt teach you the key fundamentals and cure the most common faults and compensations in the putting stroke:
Deceleration, Jabbing, Excessive club head rotation, Backstroke & Impact Timing, Rhythm, Centre striking, Swing path, Pace control, Wrist breakdown and even the dreaded Yips.

Every time the player uses the Zen ‘RDE’ they will imprint perfect putting mechanics into a confident putting stroke that continues to work for you on the Course. As it is improving your technique, it is also providing the competitive edge as the Zen “RDE” face technology infused into a high moment of inertia (MOI) club head generates unparalleled accuracy, feel and stability. The results being that your stroke flows with total confidence and the ball rolls off the face with maximum control.

RRP: £120.00 ... Now On Offer at Only £99.99

  • Head: Precision investment Stainless Steel Grade 303.
  • 100% CNC surface milled + RDE milled face plate and “ESP” hybrid polymer training aperture.
  • Shaft: Tour preferred stepless straight taper.
  • Loft: 2 degrees - variable “roll face” profile.
  • Hosel: Lie & loft adjustment - 3 degrees.
  • Orientation: Face balanced.Head weight: 350 grams.
  • Grip: Bespoke Zen Winn grip.
  • Head Cover
  • Left & Right hand available.R&A and USGA Conforming.

    Patented and Patents Pending. Registered Trade Marks

    Further information: +44 0844 800 5552 email : sales@0800stores.co.uk or visit